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This page documents features from more engineering point of view. For a more user-centric point of view, see Features.


Major Balthazar parts are:

Power Controller and battery

These supply power to the rest of the system, particularly the System on a Module, USB Hub and Display subsytem. It also manages battery.

It should be capable enough to run some USB connected hardware.

See more: Power Supply

System on a Module (SoM)

This is the main system board, the computer. Boards from different makers should be supported.

Minimum of ports is required for wider compaitibility. These are: Power, USB and HDMI.

See more: System on a Module

I/O USB hub

IO-board basically means connectivity with peripheral devices. These can be seen as on-board and out-board. On-board devices include: keyboard + trackpad, webcam and optional audio-card. USB is the usual solution for this.

For more see our I/O USB page.

Display Controller and panel

Provides interface to display panel by HDMI


Keyboard and Touch-pad

See more: Keyboard


Software depends on a System on a Module used.

See more: Software

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