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Balthazar is an international consortium that sets in motion and leads a new approach in the design and the construction of a full CERN Open Hardware Licence and GNU-GPL compliant FOSS laptop as a personal computing device.

It is a minor part of an effort to revive and accelerate EU integrated circuits and electronics industry.

Personal Computing Device will contain all the hardware and innovative software features and new set of precautions to prevent any 3rd party intrusion into the system.

The consortium consists of an industry and academia personae, and it is applied for a Common Conservancy status for the further preservation of the project.

We keep our designs open and encourage makers, enthusiasts, and FOSS software developers to create a secure, easy to use and intuitive user-friendly hardware and software for the Balthazar Personal Computing Device or following our designs create something entirely new.

Transparency and the ethics

Costs of the development for the years 2019 and 2021 (ending June 2021) ⇾

Balthazar developing costs 2020-2021 (June) — electronic parts list

Development boards bought or used for the development in 2019–2021:

UDOO Quad/Dual board — used

— Nano Pi from Friendly Arm — 10 EURO + tax

— ODroid U3+ — used

— ODroid XU4 — 185 Euro including:

 Cloud Shell case — 30 Euro
 Hard Disk — 60 Euro
 Display 2.5 inch — 10 Euro

— HiFIve1 Rev B Development Board — 100 Euro

— SiFive HiFive Unmatched Linux Development Board — still waiting for it — 730 Euro including tax and shipping

— ULX3S FPGA board from Radiona, Zagreb — as a gift (thanx a lot!)

— Rii Wireless keyboard — 40 Euro

— SD cards, various expenses — 50 Euro

Total expenses (June 2021) — 1215 Euro

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