Aperture Operating System

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A concept and a guidelines for Aperture OE

This is a design proposal for a concept on "age aperture" UI of AOE.

Basic idea is that OS and its UI opens up to the child as a child's knowledge progresses using Balthazar and its secure features. When tasks needed to jump to another level are completed, a new level of learning and possibilities is open to explore.

AOS concept.png

It is aimed to be a subtle kind of a auto-parental control, but not quite so stringent, as a parental control is about the permissions and control, this enables the younger user to control entirely own freedom level by being engaged with the Balthazar and its features.

E box.png

A possible example could be "experience box" where tasks are fulfilled and a user moves on to another level with new possibilities, while also has enabled sharing within the trusted networks and with school colleagues. Complete process is encrypted and secure.

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