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A mission of Balthazar is to enable and educate end users to be private, safe and careful with their private, school's or a company's data.

In today’s internet age we need to know how to handle and use encryption for our data protection, privacy and overall security. Also additional physical safety features such as hardwired switches and a quickly removable hard drive and peripherals are a necessity.

Its open architecture runs fully open source software stack, a derivative of Debian GNU/Linux free of a proprietary hardware drivers and other closed source software. This makes a large software library instantly available and provides regular security updates. It can also be used as a base for “custom OS” or even UI environment, but that should not be not be really mandatory.

We are:

  1. To design open, secure, inexpensive and innovative hardware while combining it with the usage of already existing GNU/FOSS tools and applications right off-the shelf.
  2. To lead by example and gently lead other hardware manufacturers to become fully open towards GNU/FOSS including opening drivers' documentation, as well as abandoning in the developing process proprietary closed hardware architectures.
  3. To support and enable low income communities and individuals all over the planet to engage in protecting their privacy, freedoms and rights on and within the internet communication.
  4. To make computing more sustainable and reach eco-friendly footprint.
  5. To make modular and granulated product that can be configured and upgraded at an affordable price. You own it - you have the right to repair and upgrade it yourself.
  6. To create an ecosystem that promotes RISC-V and ISA based secure computing.
  7. To position it as an educational platform, as well as an advanced computing device where its users of all ages will feel secure, safe and comfortable using it.
  8. To improve a paradigm in a mobile computing approach, while inspiring users to help create a new generation internet as a fundamental right to stay private, safe and secure on- and off-line.
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