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                             Actual news and a Balthazar development progress

A short history of Balthazar:

Development of Balthazar as a possible and a realistic device has started at the end of April 2019 as a result of the long sessions that lasted a bit more then a few weeks of conferencing and emailing while discussing "whitepaperish" content and realistically putting it into the context with the various sides involved.
We have talked to various representatives and teachers in Altinkaya, HiTechnic, Tipro, TUFTS, Bauhaus University in Weimar and LEGO on a joint support in creating a working committee and a case for Balthazar.

Balthazar as a name for a laptop draws its associations from Three Wise Man known as a Magus from Babylon and a Professor Balthazar, a 1970's cartoon character that creatively solves problems in a cooperative and inventive ways, being helped out by picturesque early depiction of an AI machine, "Veronica", in a process.

Conclusion was that Balthazar laptop has to be magical and beautiful personal computing device incorporating ethos, cooperative, inventive and innovative characteristics as a combination of those two historical characters whether they were real or a drawn.

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