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Basic specifications and features

It is made for Trisquel GNU, Debian and Ubuntu.

1. Fanless - (less movable parts means more battery time for the processing power and a passive cooling adds to the longevity of the components.)

2. Superfast boot time (nobody and especially children has/have the time to wait)

Ever since C64/AMIGA times computers should be able to be switched on/off.

Also it is booting using libreboot/coreboot.

3. It has upgrade-able RAM and a processor board featuring second SoC/SoM attachment port.

4. A non-glare screen size is 13.3” 16:10 full HD resolution (200 dpi +) and provides far less strain on user's eyes.

5. A non-reflective (button driven backlight “off”) monochrome mode for very low-power use in sunlight - prolongs a battery life a lot.

6. LED backlit color mode, with an alternance of red, green and blue pixels.

7. A non-glare touch PCAP screen (Projected CAPacitive) as an optional addition for those who like to have fingers on the screen.

8. A detachable webcam with a slide lens cover and a hardware switch for on/off

9. A real volume ceramic wheel potentiometer with a “click” for the on/off functionality.

10. LEGO® Power Functions connector for powering and control actuators, also Power Functions can be used to recharge battery using LEGO® or alike photovoltaic sets. 

11. RJ-12 LEGO® “shifted notch” connector for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® series of actuators and sensors

12. Covered, retractable and flexible ribbon attached PIN array - GPIO (as is in RaspberryPi) General Purpose Input Output for connecting all the things you want to connect.

13. Quick charging battery - Long Life Cycle Polymer 10000 mAh – recyclable.

14. Small hot-swap enabling battery.

15. Modular on-board power supply ( follows full ACPI spec.)

16. Waterproof keyboard with ThinkPad style track point.

17. A 3 segments flat-flush touch pad in a “Wacom” style with mode for the extended touch-pad draw and gestures.

It has 5 hardware switches for: the camera, speakers, the microphone array, WI-Fi and ethernet card.

It comes with a detachable USB gender-changer dongle - that should prevent anyone to plug in USB stick unless is password unlocked, also when taken out prevents anyone to stick USB-anything in. A casing is a tough, rugged form-factor done by LEGO® A/S in a multi-colour recyclable plastic with added studs.


A stylus for touch-pad drawing (enhanced entropy while generating PGP keys, easy graphic editing, poking someone etc.)

LEGO® keychain for the USB dongle.


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